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Uphold Login enables you to invest in precious metals in addition to traditional assets such as currencies, equities, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are among the metals that are now accessible. Metal exchange costs vary from 1.00 per cent to 3.95 percent, depending on the metal. Investors may deposit their money into gold with the help of the Universal Gold (UPXAU) ERC-20 token, which overcomes some of the most prevalent obstacles that prevent people from investing in precious metals. If cold storage is your thing, you may invest as little as $1 in the UPXAU coin and keep it there for an extended period.


Uphold Login provides various innovative options for customers to get in touch with the company’s customer support staff.

  • Help Center: You may file a request on their website via the Uphold Help Center if you have any general questions. This function enables you to send UpHold your personal email address and pertinent information and attachments quickly and straightforwardly.
  • To contact Uphold through social media, send a private message to @AskUphold or submit a tweet to the handle @AskUphold. This feature will only work if you are signed in to your Twitter account at usage.
  • As an added convenience, Uphold has an in-app help area that enables you to easily browse through the platform’s FAQs and discover solutions to the most often asked topics.


  • By enabling you to plan regular transactions, the new AutoPilot function makes it simpler to purchase your preferred cryptocurrency daily, weekly, or monthly. For example, you may decide to purchase $100 worth of Bitcoin every month to match your pay period.
  • Uphold is one of the few cryptocurrency exchanges that also enables users to buy and sell stocks, commodities, and currencies in addition to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.
  • Customize your desktop by displaying the assets you purchase and sell most often. You may replace, reshuffle, or create whole new cards with a few clicks.
  • Your personalized desktop provides you with intuitive account funding and buying options that allow you to quickly fund your account and begin trading. 
  • If you wish to trade a currency or an asset, just click on the tile you want to trade and fund it immediately from your bank account or credit card. 
  • When funding your accounts mainly from a U.S. bank account and you want to buy euros, you will not be required to convert USD to EUR following your transfer – you may simply transfer euros straight from your U.S. bank account to your euro-denominated account. 
  • This makes it especially simple and cost-effective to acquire cryptocurrencies, foreign currencies, and precious metals since there is no need to pay a conversion charge for each step.


You may purchase cryptocurrencies, U.S. equities, precious metals, and more with a single click. Furthermore, you may fund your account using currencies that are not the base currency of your bank. Most cryptocurrency and precious metals exchanges do not accept one-step orders; instead, they need two-step orders. This implies that you must first load your account with a bank account transfer or a credit card purchase and then convert your money into the current equivalent value of the currency or asset you want to possess to complete your transaction. With Uphold Login, you may acquire a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, international currencies, and even precious metals without waiting for your cash to clear into your bank account or cryptocurrency exchange. Uphold offers more than 1,000 transfer pairings for customers to choose from.


With this Mastercard debit card, you may spend everything from gold to bitcoin like cash, and it is accepted at more than 50 million retail locations and practically all ATMs across the globe. Innovating products that make investing more straightforward and more accessible: for example, Universal Gold (UPXAU) overcomes all of the traditional drawbacks of investing in gold, such as high storage costs, large liquidation spreads, and a lack of dependability. Innovative products that make investing more straightforward and accessible: One Troy ounce of pure physical gold kept at the Perth Mint in Western Australia is represented by one UPXAU Token. UPXAU Tokens may be used on a debit card, incur zero custody costs, and be instantaneously converted into one of 27 different national currencies. Furthermore, the Tokens are transferable, and the underlying gold is physically deliverable in the United States and Australia.